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The Last Soldier
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The Last Soldier

Your country is being invaded by a superior force. During the first levels your enemies fall from the sky - they are parachutes and paragliders launched from an enemy aircraft - a helicopter.Since the enemy has already killed your companions and also destroyed your entire equipment you have to do the job for yourself and with limited resources. You will start with one bow and a limited number of arrows. Your job is to defend yourself against the invader - just like Rambo did. No one is allowed to land on your country.Each time you catch an enemy you will earn one point and two new arrows. After you have collected enough points, the level is completed.But be aware that you have to reach the number of points within a limited time to get to the next level. You should also just spend your arrows when you need them. Each arrow left gives you some extra time to win the level.This is an exciting archery game that can be played by kids, teenagers and adults - fun for everyone!
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