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Touhou Bomberman
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Touhou Bomberman

Bomberman with Touhou character.Dodge the curtain fire, and defeat enemies!You can choose Reimu or Marisa, and they have different special weapon.You can use special weapon when you increased status in some measure.But when you use it your status become lower. So please be careful to use it!After cleared Lunatic mode, you can play Extend mode.After cleared Chirno stage, you can select Chirno.You can buy Sakuya character and stage in in-app billing.You can play character after you cleared stage. If you want to play character just now or you can't clear the stage, please buy character.[sakuya stage]stage num: 4stage level: hard[sakuya character]hit size: middlespecial weapon1: Stop the movement of all.special weapon2: Throw a knife. (when special weapon1 is used)
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