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Victory Baseball Team
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Victory Baseball Team

bases loaded, two outs in the ninth inning! If you were a baseball manager, what would you do? John McGraw? Joe McCarthy? You can also be a legendary baseball manager. "Victory Baseball Team" is a baseball team management simulation game in which a player becomes a baseball manager to assign manage team's lineup, command orders during the games, and scout new players with collected assets. Check your potentials as a future baseball manager with "Victory Baseball Team"! * Features 1. Simple rules to play (You don't need to know much about baseball.) 2. 5 levels of players on their performance 3. Total 6 leagues of difficulty level 4. Baseball card system that is offered according to the team's performance and records 5. Great simulation of realistic baseball games 6. Hundreds of attractive characters and realistic motions 7. Detailed players' data on their abilities 8. Fun and interesting commentary during the games * Command description The game generates various situations based on ea
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