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VikingWars for Kakao
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VikingWars for Kakao

Welcome to VikingWars!!!!More advanced Social Network Game with town building and real time-defense.Invite you to Epic Battle for the most powerful Viking tribe.1. Build your own Town against invaders.- It is more than simple town hall building. Make powerful town defense against endless invaders.- Build and upgrade watch towers and various cannons to protect your town.- Experience More advanced tactics. Tactical defense is the key to keep off enemy troops.2. Drill your own Viking troops!- Recruit Vikings and drill them to various classes(Foot soldiers , Air bombers, Air forces, etc).- Drill your Viking troops and upgrade them. More powerful.3. Invade & Raid enemy tribes.- Attack is the best defense! Lead your troops and preemptive attack enemy tribes before they attack you.- Real time battles and tactical unit combinations to breakdown enemy defense.- Review your Battle replays anytime and develop your own strategy.4. Enhanced gaming experiences through Kakao!- Invite more friends to
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