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War Battle
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War Battle

A challenging and fun-to-play tactical infantry war game from the same genre as Age of War. Train your units [on the Left] and send them to battle the enemy [on the Right]. At your command are Rifle Marines, Snipers, Flamer Marines and Rocket Marines. Objective is to destroy the Enemy's Command Centre.Earn enough credits to deploy the following units:* Rifle Marine [ 5 credits ]* Snipers [ 10 credits ]* Flamer Marines [ 20 credits ]* Rocket Marines [ 40 credits ]Word of advice:Do not under-estimate the Rifle Marines. With proper strategy they can defeat all other superior units (except for Rocket Marines). Overall, proper timing, tactics and choice of marinesis vital to win each battle. Provides hours and hours of fun and pure enjoyment. Play WAR BATTLE today!Strategy & Tactics:1. Deliberately fight prolonged battles in the lower levels so as to collect as many credits as possible. Use these credits to your advantage in the upper levels to deploy more Rocket Marines. Be care
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