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What's Up? Zombie! (free game)
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What's Up? Zombie! (free game)

Be a Zombie Master andcollect up to 30 types of zombies, using special Zombie Powder to resurrect the dead. .“What’s Up Zombie!” is a free Zombie Collection game. Use touch & swipe to defeat & collect the zombies you attack. Use all your weaponry-bats, rockets, lasers, taxis…Bring it, zombies! ! No need to register.It’s easy to play:1. Dust zombie powder over the cemetery!2. Wait till the dead are resurrected as zombies!3. Touch & swipe to attack the zombies !4. Defeat the zombies and collect them in your Zombie Picture Book!And that’s it!! One use of zombie powder brings back 30 dead in one hour; you can adjust the time it takes for the zombies to be reborn with the number of times you use the zombie powder. If you leave the zombies as they are, they’ll become jet-black ‘dirt zombies’-so be sure to defeat & collect them quickly!Plus, defeat & co...
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