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Whizzy Kids
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Whizzy Kids

8 great kids games in 1 app!Designed to aid learning by a top child psychologistReached No.3 in the Chinese App Store charts!!8 Fun games designed by a top child psychologist - for pre-school learning - ideal for 3-5yr olds. This App offers 8 (!) different games with different levels of difficulty. Please read the update at the end of this description....Learning leads to learning leads to learning. Children are born wanting to learn and find out. They love to discover new skills and facts. Parents try to help but often find games that are fun but don't teach much, or teach stuff but aren't fun. Ruth Coppard, a leading child psychologist, designed these games to help children to develop the sort of skills that underpin early school learning. These games will encourage children to learn to memorise patterns, to look at detail, to match shapes and pictures, to listen to first sounds. And to always go from left to right - which is how european languages are read and written. Follow this u
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