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WinterSun MMORPG (Pre-Alpha)
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WinterSun MMORPG (Pre-Alpha)

Winter Sun is a little MMORPG (multi player online role playing game) for Android and is currently in development. I'm releasing it in it's current (Pre-Alpha) state to see if people like what there is so far (and also to get some feedback on what people would like!)You can run around killing other players or NPCs via PvP, chat to other players using the online chat function and also level up your character, including battling other factions, and do some quests using the new questing systemWinterSun has large maps to explore and also features dungeons. The MMO will support instances and equip screens (so you can wear armour, swords, etc)Please note that the RPG is not finished - *there will be bugs!*, and things that don't work. At the moment you can 'chat' to other players and kill things, go inside the shop and buy and sell things (there is no auction house,... yet!)Feel free to mail suggestions to the developer link - I have yet to do things like a instance system so there is an op
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