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Word Ruggle
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Word Ruggle

Compete with the world realtime by playing this challenging massively multiplayer online word game!Given 4x4 board of letters, the object is to find as many words as you can in limited time by moving your finger over the letters. At the end of each round, your rank against other players is shown.Features:★ Challenging game play★ See meaning of words on round results★ See number of words remained during game play★ Rotate letters for a fresh viewpoint★ Scoreboards for different time-scales★ Detailed profile infoand the most important part: it's totally free!Similar to game play of Wordament and WordHero . Wordament (R) is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. This app is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Microsoft and should not be confused with their product, Wordament (R).tags: game, wordgame, word, ruggle, struggle, wordruggle
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