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Zeus - Lightning Shooter
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Zeus - Lightning Shooter

Badges, Abilites, Potions, Energy, New Maps, and many other goodies! :)Zeus is a top-down action game (like gta), putting you in the position of a God having a really bad day. :)Your task will be to release your stress, your anger on the poor mortals below the clouds and thunder of your wrath.But the mortals don't want to get wet by the rain or get hit by your mighty lightning and storm, so they are running from one safe place to another... With more or less luck...Use the PowerUps to be more effective! Also beware the Curses, or use them in your stategy if you want!Get more infos about them in the Tutorial.By hitting the people running from your lightning, you can get bonus points by being accurate, and being fast.You can make double, triple, multi, monster-hits, and Holy Cow achivement, making more and more extra points.Being accurate grants you lightning with bigger radius, so you can hit more target at a time.But be careful! There is one special character, who's death will negate y
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