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Zombie Strike 3D
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Zombie Strike 3D

Mutated zombie heads have taken on the ability to float around. As a member of an elite force strike team, you have been tasked to counter the threat by exterminating the zombies.Endless challenging game to cater for all abilities by customization of the game using the Options button:1. How many Zombies.Sets the number of zombies to be spawned. The game is won once you kill them all. 2. Zombie Speed.Sets how fast zombies move. The faster the more challenging it is.3. Zombie Attack Direction.Sets where zombies come from. FRONT means you can see them.ALL means they can come from behind you as well.4. Music settings.Collect the M-16 magazines after killing each zombie. If the health drops to 20, you can also collect the health kit to top up to 100 health.
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