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Zuma Factory
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Zuma Factory

New Zuma, Marble, Luxor Game with an original design, a lot of bonus and goals :)In these first 100 levels (more soon...) which are gonna check your skills, you will meet a lot of Bonus. Such as the Bomb Ball, the Star Point, the Pause Game, the Multicolor Ball...Use them to make a maximum of points on every levels and maybe try to unlock the last difficulty modes.Here are the details of each difficulty mode :-EASY : 4 different colors, Ball speed -25%, More Bonus.-MEDIUM : 4 different colors, Normal Ball speed, Normal Bonus Spawn.-HARD : 5 different colors, Normal Ball speed, Normal Bonus Spawn.So if the game is too slow for you, unlock the Medium mode :)An other element which can help you making points is the possibility to upgrade your launcher with the credits that you're gonna earn every time you clear a level and with some Bonus.Keep in mind that more the difficulty or the length of the level is high, more you earn credits per stars.With these credits you're gonna for example be
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