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Converter Days to Months
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Converter Days to Months

Converter Days to Months Please provide values below to convert day [d] to month, or vice versa. A day (symbol: d) is an accepted, non-SI unit of time that is defined based on the SI (International System of Units) unit of time, the second, and is equal to 86,400 seconds. A month (symbol: mo) is a unit of time used with calendars that approximates the period required for the moon to revolve around Earth. A lunar month lasts approximately 29.53 days, where days are defined based on the SI (International System of Units) base unit of seconds. The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar worldwide, with 365 days (366 in a leap year), 30 or 31 days in each of its 12 months, and 28 or 29 days in February depending on whether or not the year is a leap year.
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